Welcome to the Sim Association Station!

After far too many years of planning, the Sim Association Station (or "SAS" as we like to call it) is finally here! Launched in 2024, this is the one-stop shop for all of your pedigree database, stable/kennel directory, and association showing needs for the English language "All Sim" community originally hosted at the SAI forum. We welcome the addition of new associations, and migration of existing ones, as long as they fit within the showing framekwork of the SAS website.

We also welcome and encourage officers of open and semi-open sim games and other language sim communities to create representative accounts at SAS to handle dual registered, imported, and exported animals smoothly.


Membership & Association Ownership

Membership with SAS is free and everyone is welcome! If you don't already have an account, register now! Please note that you do not need to create multiple accounts for multiple aliases, to separate your different game herds, etc. You can create multiple stables/kennels and user aliases within your user account.

To create a new association or migrate an existing one to SAS, to add staff to your association, or to request any detail changes about your association that you do not have access to change yourself, simply PM any of the SAS admins on our forum with your request. Note that we do require posting show results to our forum. Whether you wish to post them elsewhere as well is your choice.

Important & Useful Links

SAS Info Pages

Off-Site Resources


The background design used on this site is manipulated from stock found on freep!k ("horse monogram vectors").
The main banner image was released for free use by photographer stephencphotog on Pixabay.

Programming by Jenna based on her own prior All Sim association coding and inspired by the input of Tessa, Zen, and others.