Rule 1

To participate on the SAS website, you must have an account at the SAS forum and be a member in good standing in the sim community.

Rule 2

We allow a maximum of one SAS website account per person. The username you use for your account on SAS, must match your forum account. Don't fret, once you've registered, you will have the option to have multiple stables associated with your account.

Rule 3

We do not allow people to use the same brands/prefixes/suffixes/abbreviations as someone else. Please be sure that when you register your brand/prefix/suffix/abbreviation, that it is unique and has not been used or is not currently being used by someone else in the all sim world.

Rule 4

We do ask that basic common courtesy and good manners are used at all time. The age old adages "do unto others as you would have them do unto you" and "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all" should be kept in mind.

Rule 5

Under no circumstances may you register and enter horses into the database & associations that do not belong to you.

Rule 6

You may not register horses into the pedigree database that do not belong to you. The only exception to this rules is if the current owner is AND the horse in question are no longer active within the sim community AND you were the breeder (meaning you owned the mare at the time said horse was produced and the horse carries your brand/prefix/suffix/abbreviation) or you were the previous owner. Registering horses that were only produced by your stallion or are ancestors in your horses pedigree is not allowed.

Rule 7

Each horse is allowed to be registered only once. Please do not duplicate registrations. If you have purchased a horse that is already registered, please reach out to the former owner to have the horse transferred to you.

Rule 8

Do not attempt to transfer a horse that does not belong to you. All transfer requests should be sent to the registered owner on file with the SAS. If the registered owner is no longer active or has not responded to your request within 7 days, please request a transfer via the correct post on the SAS forum.